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Miscellaneous Antique Art Deco

One note: As with my vintage clocks and coin-ops, anything that is mechanical or electrical comes with a caveat. These vintage pieces can be very delicate, and shipping can be brutal! Even if a piece leaves here in perfect working condition, that doesn't mean it will always arrive in the same working condition. We pack each piece to survive a gorilla attack, but stuff happens. Even if it survives the trip, sometimes these old pieces just stop working! I can say that I haven't lost a piece yet, but please be aware that I cannot guarantee the working condition of a piece once it leaves my hands.

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Vintage Toaster Vintage Kitchen Jar Vintage Panay Show Jar Antique Coin Holder
M193 M191 M189 M195
Vintage Neon Advertising Sign Vintage Arvin Bakelite Radio Vintage NOS Firefly Electric Fence Testers Vintage Fish Condiment Set
M179 M178 M174 M173
Antique Bakelite Coronado Radio Antique Figural Incense Burner Light Up Advertising Vintage Glass Cocktail Shaker
M172 M171 M163 M161
Vintage Art Deco Brooch Antique Blue Enamel Compact Antique Neon Arf & Arf Beer Advertisement Vintage Neon Light-Up Schlitz Advertisement
M160 M156 M151 M150
Vintage Porcelain Incense Burner Vintage Playing Cards Vintage Frank Lloyd Wright Book Antique Punch Board
M146 M143 M138 M136
Antique Child's Trunk Vintage Art Deco Silver Compact Antique Catalin Backgammon Set Vintage Toy Circus Truck
M134 M132 M126 M115
Vintage Art Deco Display Case Vintage Art Deco Candle Holder Vintage Hoffman Perfume Bottle Vintage Fish Bowl Stand
M113 M112 M107 M104

Miscellaneous Antiques & Collectibles