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These days art deco lamps are probably the anchor of my collection. I seem to be drawn to vintage lamps and lighting like a moth to a flame. There's something about the glow of an antique lamp on a dark night which seems to be extremely soothing and welcoming. They can transform the atmosphere of any room. Our apartment may lack many things, but lamps are not one! Among my favorite manufacturers are Frankart, Nuart, Ronson, and Betty Beck.

I strive to keep my lamps as original as possible in all respects, but if the enamel is too far gone I will refinish. When that becomes necessary, I strip the lamp all the way down to bare metal, finely sand, then refinish with multiple powder coats of enamel. The shades are always the correct vintage, and whenever possible, are original to the specific lamp. I really try to describe each lamp as accurately as possible, and in doing so I may be overly critical.

All lamps are rewired for safety, but I use original sockets, and bakelite plugs and switches if at all possible. because I do use original parts, we always recommend that any lamp you purchase be checked by a professional for safety.

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Antique Ceiling Fixture Gerdago Pixie Lamp Vintage Alachite Lamp Set Antique Aeroluxe Dog House Lamp Fixture
L199 L198 L197 L194
Antique Luminaire Vintage Popeye Aeroluxe antique glass airplane lamp antique hanging parrot lamp
L195 L196 L193 L192
Chrome & Glass Lamp Set Popeye Aerolux Bulb & Boat Holder Ronson Kicking Girl Lamp JVC Aerolux Type Advertising Lamp
L187 L189 L186 L185
Vintage Hanging Slag Glass Porch Lamp Vintage Art Deco Double Nude Lamp Art Deco Chrome & Catalin Lamp Set Vintage Art Deco Lamp Set - Chrome & Glass
L175 L174 L171 L163
Antique Perfume Lamp - Devilbiss Antique Art Deco Perfume Lamp Vintage Pink Crackle Glass Gillander Lamp Pair of Vintage Art Deco Mood Lamps
L151 L147 L140 L137
Vintage Table Top Lamp with Mercury Globe Small Vintage Art Deco Mood Lamp Art Deco Lucite Table Lamp Vintage Aerolux Bulb - Elephant
L138 L133 L129 L105

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