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Antique depression glass was probably what first attracted me to collectibles. My mother-in-law first introduced me to glassware. She was an expert depression glass dealer. Some of my earliest antique collections were Cambridge Nude Stems, black amethyst glass, and unusual art glass. I'm very fussy about the condition of my glass. Every piece on this site was purchased for my own collection. Even though it may be detrimental to sales, I do my best to describe every flaw on a piece. And, I avoid reproductions like the plague! I will never knowingly sell a reproduction, and would only sell a new piece if it was a future collectible, and clearly stated as such.

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Vintage Cobalt Wall Mirror Vintage Depression Glass Fishbowl Antique Glass Cocktail Shaker Depression Glass Fish Bowl
G141 G140 G139 G138
Antique glass cocktail shaker Art Deco Decanter Set Antique Depression Glass Fish Bowl Vintage Art Deco glass/tray set
G137 G135 G132 G131
Vintage Czechoslovakian Glass Vase Small Antique Wall MIrror Pink Art Deco Wall Mirror Art Deco Fishbowl, Vaseline Glass
G124 G123 G114 G107

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