The Art Deco Spirit,

Vintage Toast-O-Lator - M193

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Vintage Toaster. This was cutting edge technology in its day, sometimes called the 'walking toaster' because it has a little conveyor belt that carries the bread past the heating element. Put the bread in one end, it pops out the other end perfectly toasted and ready to eat! It practically climbs onto your plate. Toast-o-lators were manufactured from 1936 through around 1952. This one is in particularly good condition. Personally I don't like using vintage electronics, but we always try to get fully functional units because they were generally better kept, and some people do like to use them. As always we recommend that you have it checked before you plug it in. Although I wouldn't recommend actually using it, the inner workings are intact and functioning. The chrome is very good, no visible rust or dents. The bakelite feet and handles are also intact, and overall it's a very attractive piece.
Height10 Inches
Width 11.5 Inches
Depth 4 Inches

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