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Collectible Coin-Op Machines

Unless otherwise stated, all coin-ops are in good working condition. Unfortunately, shipping being what it is, and old machines being temperamental, we can't guarantee that every item will arrive in the same working condition once it leaves here. We do our absolute best to pack every item safely, but, once it's out of our hands we have no control over it. We haven't lost one yet, and it's been about 20 years.

Generally we don't refinish the coin-ops, and sell most of them untouched. Occasionally if the orignial finish is too far gone to preserve we may repaint, but it will always be stated in the description.

Art Deco Graphics

Antique Coin-Op Lotion Vending Machine Vintage Coin-Op Perfume Vending Machine Antique Penny Cigarette Vendor Vintage Soap Coin-Op
O109 O108 O101 O112

Antique Coin-Op Vending