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I just love coin-ops! Juke boxes, Coke machines, slots, cigarette vending machines ... I love 'em all! Unless otherwise stated, all of my coin-ops are in good working condition. Unfortunately, shipping being what it is, and old machines being temperamental, I just can't guarantee that every item will arrive in the same working condition once it leaves here. I do my absolute best to pack every item within an inch of its life, but, well, once it's out of my sight I can't control what happens to it. I can say that I haven't lost one yet, and it's been about 10 years.

There are different degrees of cosmetic condition. I try always to obtain the best possible. Generally we don't refinish the coin-ops, and sell most of them untouched. Occasionally if the orignial finish is too far gone to preserve I may repaint, but it will always be stated in the description.

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Antique Coin-Op Lotion Vending Machine Vintage Coin-Op Perfume Vending Machine Antique Penny Cigarette Vendor Vintage Soap Coin-Op
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Antique Coin-Op Vending