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Art Deco Graphics decorate all of my walls at home. I can't get enough of posters, prints, ads, calendars, etc. Maybe one of my all tme favorite pieces is a calendar by Edward M. Eggleston. I love the glamour, the color, the style. It never gets boring. Some of my graphic items have been professionally framed. The frames were custom made and the pieces beautifully matted to enhance the richness of the colors. Because of that, some of the framed pieces might seem a little costly, but I promise you they're worth it!

I take great care to find the best condition that I can provide. To me, condition is everything! I describe each piece as accurately as possible, and in many cases probably make it sound worse than it actually is. But, I'd rather have you pleasantly surprised when you get your print than the other way around! If it costs me a sale or two along the way it also saves me a lot of headaches, so it balances out in the end.

As usual, if you have any questions about any of these pieces, please feel free to ask. Each and every one of them hangs on a wall in the new house, and each will be sorely missed when they sell. Please take your time and browse around, and if there's anything you're especially anxious to find you can visit our Special Requests page. Happy hunting!!

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Antique Train Print Antique WWII Poster Antique Perfume cutout Antique Parish Cheer Calendar
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Antique Karmi Magic Poster Norman Rockwell Calendar Vintage Centennial Banner Vintage Circus Sideshow Poster
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Vintage magic Poster

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