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Neon Sign - M179

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Vintage neon light display unit that was made by Neon Products Inc of Lima Ohio, probably in the 1940's. The unit is in incredible shape for its age. The white neon light works perfectly and is nice and bright. The green art deco design painted on the reverse of the front glass is perfect except for one little spot at the bottom, and not the slightest bit faded. The inside of the display is very clean. The original black crinkle paint on the case is in excellent condition, very hard to find like this. Original labels on back are pretty much intact. The whole unit is exceptionally clean! I don't think this display was used much at all. Wiring looks pretty safe, although it should be checked, and there is an on/off switch built into the power cord. The visible display area inside the unit is about 10" x 13". You can put anything you want in it. There's a well designed sliding panel that allows you to change the display when desired. Perfect for a special piece of art, or a really unique shop sign. Almost appears unused, hard to believe it's almost 75 years old!
$475.00 Plus Shipping & Insurance

Height 18.5 Inches
Width 15.5 Inches
Depth 7 Inches

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