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Welcome to my collection of Antique & Collectible Art Deco Clocks! Who wouldn't love vintage clocks, they're fascinating. They're incredibly varied and unusual, stylish yet functional. They run the course from common to totally unique. Clocks can be constructed of anything from marble to plastic, from wood to plexiglass... You never know what you'll see next. I especially like the motion clocks and the lightup neon avertising clocks. I hope to expand this section in the near future. If nothing catches your eye, or you're looking for a particular clock or manufacturer, please check back from time to time, or email me. There's a chance I may have something that's not listed or I may be able to find the clock of your dreams.

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Antique Art Deco Clock, Bakelite Airplane Antique Art Deco Clock, Pink Mirror Antique Art Deco Clock, catalin alarm clock Antique Art Deco Clock, GE Rapture
C157 C155 C154 C147
Antique Art Deco Clock, green catalin Antique Art Deco Electric Clock, butterscotch catalin Antique Art Deco Clock, Manning Bowman Mantel Clock Antique Art Deco Clock, Ingraham Kitchen Wall Clock
C143 C135 C134 C130
Art Deco Clock, Glass & Mirror Art Deco Clock, Digital Plexi Glass Antique Art Deco Clock, Electric Manning Bowman Antique Art Deco Clock, Electric Catalin Imp
C127 C120 C122 C114

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