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Firefly Set - M174

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Another unique item. Advertising always fascinates me. An original store advertising display. This is as good as it gets for advertising! A complete set on original card stock in the original box, all marked. Electric fence testers made by Accesories Manufacturing Co. Each unit is complete, consisting of a tester in a glass tube, banded with the original paperwork, wiring, and prod for inserting in the ground. Place the Firefly on an electric fence and it tells you whether the fence is active or not. Advertised as weather proof. Other than 2 clean tears in the cardboard backing, it's in exceptional condition. All the printing can be read, and all the graphics are intact. A really unusual piece of vintage advertising!
$125.00 Plus shipping & insurance
Card 14 X 11
Capsules 3.25 Inches
Prod 4 Inches

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