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Mercury Globe Table Lamp - L138

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Another fantastic art deco mercury globe table lamp! We've had 2 of these before, and they never last long! Unlit the globe is a silver reflecting ball, looks like a dark mirror, but when illuminated it gives off a beautiful soft orange glow like an autumn moon! Figure next to it is an intricately detailed deco style woman seated in a chair. It has been rewired for safety. Grey finish is in very good condition, but not original. Base is made of white metal. No dents or cracks in the metal base or figure. The shade shows only a little rim fitter roughness and a very small spot on the inner shade that's black. Soesn't seem to show on the outside, especially when lit, just mentioned for accuracy. This is a very attractive lamp with classic deco styling.
$625.00 plus shipping
Height 7 Inches
Width 9 Inches
Depth 5.5 Inches

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