The Art Deco Spirit

Popeye Aerolux Lamp - L189

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This is a really special lamp. It took us many years to find just the right boat for Popeye. Most are missing the spinach can, or the pants, or worse. this one is complete and in really nice condition. Shows some age, but then it is over 75 years old! Boat has been repainted but colors match original as closely as possible. No break, cracks, or dents in the metal, and no rust. It is marked 'Aerolux Happy Lamp', but the paint makes it nearly impossible to see. The bulb is working well with no dark spots, and appears to be evenly lit. But please be aware that we can't ever guarantee these bulbs, they do burn out ocasionally as do all bulbs. It's been rewired, but as with all electrical items we recommend that you have it checked for safety. $725.00 plus shipping & insurance

Overall Height 7 Inches
Length 6.5 Inches
Width 4 Inches
Bulb Height 4 Inches

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