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Art Deco Chrome & Glass Lamp Set - L187

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This is a really wonderful set of table lamps with true deco styling. The chrome bases show moderate wear, with light pitting, no heavy rust. The chrome is intact and very presentable, showing age appropriate wear. The glass shades are a beautiful pale yellow or rich cream color. The horizontal black stripes are actually 3 dimensional raised rings. Each end has the expected flea bites from 80 years of use, but no big chips. Overall the glass is in very good condition with no cracks or breaks. The only real damage we found is to one of the finials. It was broken at some point and reattached, but the break was very even and it's only noticeable if you're looking closely for it. Someone handy could probably fix it so that it's nearly invisible. They've been rewired and give off a lovely warm glow, more for mood than reading. They just scream deco! We've never seen another set like it. This is really an usually lovely set and had to be pried out of Bill's hands. If they sell it will be a bone of contention for the rest of our lives. Just think of how gorgeous they'd look in a den or on a craftsman library table!
Regular Price $1,200 (plus shipping & insurance). Special Introductory Price $1,000 (plus shipping & insurance)

Overall Height 18.75 Inches
Base Width 4 Inches
Base Length 6.5 Inches
Shade Height 5 & 7/8 Inches
Shade Diameter 2 & 7/16 Inches

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