Art Deco Spirit

Standing Ashtray - T133

Vintage Art Deco Machine Age Standing Ashtray

This is the 'Climax Cocktail Smoker' designed by W. J. Campbell around 1934 or so for the Climax Machinery Company of Indianapolis. This model is similar to the ones that were used in the bar cars of streamlined trains of the 30's. They were extremely well made, sturdy and very heavy to help compensate for the motion of the train. It's made entirely of metal, featuring a removable circular tray for cocktails. The ashtray has a trap door that lifts to allow ashes to fall into a circular center holder, which can be emptied. There were several versions of this smoke stand, Henry Dreyfus created a very similar version for the 20th Century Limited, but I think this was one of the nicer models.
Regularly Price $575.00 Special Sale Price $460.00 plus shipping
Height 25 Inches
Base Diameter 12.5 Inches
Top Diameter 16 Inches

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