Green Ribbed Nuart Crackle Shade - S153

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It wasn't easy to add this one to the site. If I didn't have another one just like it, I don't think I could part with this one. The emerald green is absolutely gorgeous!! And, the crackle is deep and evenly spaced, but what really makes this shade are the vertical ribs. This is a classic Nuart. You can put this on any Nuart lamp and it will be correct and stunning. The condition is near mint. No cracks or chips, and only the most minor rim fitter roughness which is something you just can't avoid. You won't see another one like this any time soon, and you may not see this one long if I change my mind, so don't hesitate.
Height 6.5 Inches
Diameter 6 Inches
Circumference 19 Inches
Rim Fitter 3.25 Inches

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