Amber Mini Frankart Cubic Style Shade - S124

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This is a genuine vintage 1930's small Frankart geometric shade for 3 inch rim fitters. Identical to the larger shades made for 4 inch rim fitters, it combines amber clear and satin finishes in an intricate cubic pattern to produce a really outstanding 3-D effect. As you can see from the photos, the rim fitter on this one has a few chips. The price has been adjusted because of it, but when it's on a lamp the chips are totally unseen. This happens often with shades when they're taken off and put back on over the years. All shades have at least a little roughness, but you need to be aware that this one does have more than is normal. There is no other damage aside from the rim. This shape is especially nice for the standing nude lamps, gives them a real streamlined art deco look. Makes a nice change from the more common globes.
$175.00 plus shipping & insurance
Height 6 Inches
Diameter 4.25 Inches
Rim Fitter 3.25 Inches

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