Art Deco Spirit

Head Lighter - PR104

Antique Table Lighter

This unusual lighter is a staple for all Art Deco collections. No, that's not bad dental work in her mouth. The woman's head sits quietly on a table, but when she's lifted a switch is tripped, and her mouth becomes a glowing red cigarette lighter. They stopped making these because they were infamously dangerous, so please don't leave her plugged in! This one doesn't quite work, although all the parts are there. Not quite sure why, but she should be fixable. There's no damage that I can see to the head or finish. A bit of a project if you want it to be operational, but a good complete and untouched one, or just leave her as is. Either way she's a wonderful conversational piece!
Height 8 Inch
Width 4.5 Inches
Depth 4.5 Inches

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