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Metal Mail Box - PR103

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This is a really cool vintage mailbox that just needs some elbow grease and a lot of TLC. Obviously it needs a good cleaning, and a painting wouldn't do any harm. The key is slightly bent, but working. The envelope flap is stamped "Patented Bates-Hawley June 27, 1899 August 12, 1932". The bottom is stamped "Signal Mail Box Co., Joliet, Illinois", and "style N". There's a spring loaded arm to hold the newspaper, and When the mail is placed in the box it triggers a flag on top so you can see from a distance when the mail is in. There may be a few small dings on the metal, but no significant dents or deep scratches, and no breaks or cracks. There's a little surface rust, but nothing serious. We decided to add it to the project category because we just haven't been able to give it the time it deserves. This would make a perfect winter project for someone who's a little handy but doesn't want to take on too much. It has the potential to become a real beauty in the right hands.
Overall Height 20 Inches
Overall Width 7 Inches
Overall Depth 5.5 Inches
Box Height 12.5 Inches
Box Width 6.5 Inches
Box Depth 5 Inches

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