The Art Deco Spirit,

Vintage Women's Room Train Sign - M190

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I believe this elegant and beautiful machine age, art deco women sign probably came from a high end restaurant or lounge of some type. Most likely late 1930's or early 1940's, it has just a fantastic appearance!! Built in an era when things were made to last. Wonderful heavy quality construction with a block of thick curved glass, giving it a really nice effect when lit. It's a very subtle glow, not a glaring light. Definitely not your average ladies room sign! The outer case is hinged, the back swings open to reveal the inner workings. It has a very light sort of brass tint, subtle like the rest of the piece. The inner sign consists of a very solid and heavy block of glass sitting on a brass colored metal background, backed by 2 small Christmas tree bulbs. The word 'Women' is beautifully etched in the bottom of the glass block in a true deco font, giving it a sort of frosted look. The whole piece shows only the expected wear. The glass is in very good condition with no breaks or chips. The outer case shows just a little light scratching commensurate with its age. We cleaned it inside and out, and it's been rewired for safety. This whole piece just stands out as very special, it was a difficult decision to part with it. I don't think it will last long, so don't hesitate if you really love quality machine age!!
Height2.25 Inches
Width 3 Inches
Length 10.5 Inches

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