The Art Deco Spirit

Art Deco Nude Advertising Thermometer - M158

Art Deco Nude 

This is a truly stunning piece! She's an advertising promo for 'Pennsylvania Surety Corporation, Pittsburgh'. She retains her original bronze colored finish in very good condition. There is a slight amount of finish loss on her right hip and her right ankle & foot, but considering her age this is minimal wear. There are no cracks or dents to the white metal figure, however the thermometer does have a dent on top. I'm not sure if this could be fixed, but the overall piece is so nice that for once I didn't complain about the slight defect. I've owned 2 of these in my 30 years of collecting, and they're the only 2 I've come across. The thermometer appears to work but is not accurate, it generally stays around 70 degrees, give or take. The piece has a wonderful patina, and combined with the style and grace of the nude it's a knockout!
Height 8.5 Inches
Base Diameter 4.25 Inches
Therm. Diameter 2.25 Inches

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