Art Deco Spirit

Parrot Tea Set - M153

Vintage deco tea set

This is an exceptional vintage Art Deco tea set. The Parrot handles on the cup are extraordinary, and the colors of the pattern are striking. This was quite obviously a very high quality set, the pattern well defined and exquisite. The cream background with yellow, orange, and brown design is still vibrant and lovely. The parrots are more implied than detailed, giving it an illusive quality. The condition is excellent, virtually flawless! Stamped 'Made in Japan', the set consists of 2 cups, 2 saucers, and 2 plates. Perfect for an intimate, cozy tea party for two.
Plate Diameter 7.25 Inches
Saucer Diameter 5.75 Inches
Cup Diameter 4 Inches
Cup Height 2.5 Inches

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