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Vintage Art Deco Wall Plaques - M128

Vintage Wall Plaque

I'm very proud to add these fine Art Deco wall plaques to my site. They are true classic Art Deco! This is a set of 2 white plaster molded plaques mounted on vintage cobalt blue mirror and backed with green felt. One is dated 1937 with small 'C' in a circle. The other one just has the 'C' in the circle on the same place on the plaque. Don't know if the date is covered by paint, or if just one was dated, but they are definitely a pair. One features a woman in a flowing white dress with some kind of horned animal, surrounded by trees. She's holding a bow in one hand, and the animal's horn in the other, and there's a bird in the tree looking on. The other is the same woman with a dog this time. A flock of diving birds encircle them. The plaster is in exceptional condition. No cracks whatsoever! No chips, no breaks, and very little paint loss & staining, just a few small chips here and there, none really noticeable unless you're looking for them. The blue mirror backing is also in very good condition, with only minor wear and very light scratching, much less than you'd expect in a piece of this age. So many of you write us and say that you wanted a piece but it was already sold when you went to order it. Don't let that happen this time. These won't last long, and once they're gone you won't see another set this impressive any time soon, so don't hesitate!
Height 16 Inches
Width 11.25 Inches
Depth 1.25 Inches

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