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Aerolux Airplane Bulb - L183

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Another neon bulb made by Aerolux with a correct vintage holder. Airplane gives off a soft pink/orange glow. No visible damage to bulb or darkening of glass as can happen with these. Works well with original bakelite rotary switch. Holder shows some age, but still very presentable and attractive, and it retains it's butterscotch bakelite handle. Has been rewired for safety with a new ceramic socket, and green felt bottom has been replaced. As always we still recommend that you have it checked by a pro for safety. This is a perfect night light for a big or little kid! Awesome present for an airplane lover.

Bulb Height 3 Inches
Bulb Width 2.5 Inches
Holder Height 3 Inches
Holder Width 2.5 Inches

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