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Original Vintage Glass Airplane Lamp - L177

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This is the most sought after of all the vintage glass airplane lamps! These lamps have been reproduced, but only the originals have the patent number embossed in the glass on the bottom of the plane body. Impossible to fake, the numbers are actually imprinted into the glass. This one is stamped Patent# 110196. The white ones are hard enough to find, the cobalt blue extremely difficult. Glass is in very good condition with only a little roughness at the tail, which is not visible when assembled. Glass has no chips, cracks, or breaks. The chrome base also appears to be vintage since it's riveted rather than screwed together. Plane sits evenly and retains original propellers, which are usually missing. Chrome shows a few small wear spots, but is mostly clean and rust free. All in all, a really clean example, and very hard to part with!

Height 8 Inches
Base Width 5.5 Inches
Base Length 7 Inches
Plane Length 5.5 Inches

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