The Art Deco Spirit

Vintage Glass Hanging Lamp - L173

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We don't usually handle many ceiling lamps, but when we saw this one, its unique size and formidable deco presence forced us to buy it! It's very difficult to find Art Deco ceiling lamps that aren't huge and somewhat overpowering for the average modern home. This one is the perfect size for most entryways or dining rooms. it won't overpower the area, and its exceptional detail and Art Deco motif will just bowl you over! The lamp is made up of what looks like a pewter type metal, with a highly detailed framework holding 8 stunning green cased glass panels. Each panel shows an Art Deco motif in a cameo glass style, with the design being carved thru the upper layers of color. Hard to describe, but it creates a fantastic effect when lit! Has a glass panel bottom, with a small finial (not shown in photos). There is very minor wear to the edges of the glass panels, with a few small flea bites here and there, but overall it's really in very good condition. Retains the original beautiful ceiling cap with hand hammered styling. You won't be disappointed, this lamp just screams deco!

Height 9 Inches
Base Width 8 Inches

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