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Interior Bus Light - L155

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This is a really unusual item. Not really a lamp, but sort of a small sconce. It came from a very stylish Art Deco bus interior. Somewhere along the line it was removed from the bus, attached to this nicely finished wooden backing and wired for house electric. It was very well done, making it possible to mount this gorgeous sconce just about anywhere. We rewired it for safety as the original cloth wiring was disolving, but as with any electronics we recommend having it checked by a professional for safety. We placed a very long cord on it so it can be used just about anywhere, but it could also be taken off and hard wired directly into a wall. The photos really don't do this one justice. The two colors in the glass and the beautifully preserved chrome combine to give it a really elegant look. The on/off switch is unobtrusive and easy to access, and works well. The overall condition is actually much better than you would expect from a piece of this age. A real conversation piece, perfect for a place that just needs a small touch of elegant light.
Base Height 17 Inches
Base Width 3.5 Inches
Light Length 6.5 Inches
light Width 2.5 Inches

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