The Art Deco Spirit

Parrot Lamp - L136

Vintage Art Deco 

Absolutely stunning mood lamp! This gorgeous parrot graces a lovely cold painted metal base with lid and finial. Take a close look at the individual parts. The detail is amazing, and the red and green colors are still intact and beautiful! There are some small flakes in the top of the shade, but they're on the rim and they're almost invisible when it's assembled. The rest of the shade is perfect, the colors bright and vibrant. No missing, cracking, or peeling paint on the shade. The base has absolutely no visible damage; no dents, cracks, or missing pieces. There is some slight flaking of the paint on the bottom of the base, but it's difficult to see and 90% intact. I believe the wiring is adequate, but as with all vintage lamps you'll want to have it checked. Overall this is a wonderful lamp, one I'm not anxious to part with!!
Overall Height 12 Inches
Shade Height 6.5 Inches
Diameter of Base 4.5 Inches
Diameter of Shade 3.75 Inches

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