Art Deco Spirit

Large Bamboo Wall Mirror - G130

Vintage Wall Mirror

This beautiful and large bamboo wall mirror is truly unique! I've never seen another one like it. I consists of a clear mirror depicting a lovely swan scene with a serene pool of cobalt blue mirror. I'm not quite sure, but I believe it may be reverse etched. You can't feel the swan or leaves on the surface of the mirror, but however it's done it's absolutely gorgeous!! The overall condition is near mint! Both the clear and the cobalt blue mirrored surfaces are very good, virtually no loss of silvering, no cracks or scratches, no chips. There is 1 tiny spot on the clear mirror, but it's so small that it doesn't even show up in the photos. I only mention it for total accuracy. The bamboo frame is excellent with no damage at all, still tight and sturdy. The backing is intact with only very minor wear and age stains. Even the paper care label is intact! You won't find another one like it any time soon, and certainly not in this conditon! Hang this over a bamboo bar and you have a real stand out!! This one won't last, so don't hesitate. Its near mint condition makes it one of the finest mirrors we've found in some time.
Glass Diameter 29 Inches
Total Diameter 35.5 Inches

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