Art Deco Spirit

Cobalt Blue Art Deco Wall Mirror - G113

Art Deco Vintage Blue Wall Mirror

Vintage Art Deco Wall Mirror

This is a stunning large Art Deco or Machine Age cobalt blue mirror with sand etched design on the sides and bevelled edges. Mirror is in excellent condition, with only 2 tiny dings on one edge, very minor, and virtually no silvering loss (maybe a tiny pencil point sized spec here and there). Almost totaly free of scratching. Beautiful rich blue color. An interesting sand etched design makes the sides appear to be sort of a frosted blue, darker than the rest of the blue in the mirror. Wood backing also in good condition, showing no damage. This mirror is a real prize! Its size and condition separate it from all the rest. This is the one you've been waiting to hang on your wall. It would be hard to find a cleaner 75 year old example.
Diameter 24 Inches

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