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Penny Cigarette Machine - O110

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Similar to item O101, this 'Silver Comet' machine was manufactured by the REDCO Products Company in La Crosse, WI, 'with the approval of the IRS'. It dispenses a single cigarette for a penny. It needs a restoration, but it's a good, solid, untouched piece, exactly what you want to start with. The inside has some surface rust, but nothing major. The mechanism works well, but there's no key. It does open and close though, so you can work on it and changing the lock should be no problem. Everythiing is intact with no breaks or cracks, just needs cosmetic surface work. Perfect for someone who can do a quick paint job and replace or re-key a lock. If it doesn't sell we may restore it ourselves, so if you want a project don't wait!

Height 8 Inches
Width 6 Inches
Depth 6 Inches

Vintage Silver Comet