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Lotion Dispenser - O106

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This one caused a rare argument in our home. It was very nearly not listed at all, I won't tell you which one of us didn't want to sell. I've never seen one this size before, it's just wonderful! Perfect for any size bathroom because it won't take up the whole wall. Good working condition with original key. I don't think the lotion bottle is original, but who knows. It was probably repainted at some point, but it was nicely done. I also don't know if the label was original, but a nice computer generated decal would really finish this piece in style. On the plus side, it's cute as a button, works well, and looks classy. You probably won't see another one like it any time soon.
Height 9 Inches
Width 3.5 Inches
Depth 2.25 Inches

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