The Art Deco Spirit

Light Up Cadillac Desk Clock - C124

Cadillac Clock

Our best guess is that this desk or mantle clock would have been in the dealer's showroom. There is a large Cadillac emblem in the front center of the clock. The light is flourescent, with a small transformer built into the plug. According to the still present labels on the back, the Clock was Union made by Local 714 Fabricators, and is number 0278001. It was manufacatured by Price Brothers Inc. of New York and Chicago. Everything seems to function correctly on this clock. It lights up, keeps good time, and runs smoothly. Of course, as with all of our electric items, we cannot guarantee continued operation once it leaves our hands. This would be a wonderful addition to any Cadillac or vintage clock collection!
Height 8.5 Inches
Width 9.5 Inches
Depth 3 Inches

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