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Vintage Car Cigarette Dispenser/Lighter - A103

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Introducing the Masterbilt Autosmoker. These were very cool 1930's (or 40's) cigarette dispensers that actually dispense lit cigarettes!! It is chrome with a black crackle finish in a plush orange and gold gift box. This was mounted on the car's steering column and connected to the ammeter for electrical current. Cigarettes would be placed horizontally inside the upper compartment. Opening the lower door allows one cigarette to drop, and then "after 3 to 4 seconds it will be evenly lit" according to the instructions. In fact it says "The length of time required for lighting depends on the condition of the car battery". For obvious reasons they aren't made anymore. This is a near mint item! Condition could not be much better, appears to be unused. There are no marks or flaws in the black finish or chrome at all. Original and very unusual fold out box in very good condition, featuring red leatherette cover. Original wiring, original mounting bracket, original hardware, and original instructions included. This is a really rare, find, you just don't see these anymore! This is the oldest model I've seen. The bakelite models can be found, but this is a much earlier version. We recommend this for display purposes only. It does appear to be in working condition, but has not been tested. If you collect the best, this is the piece you want!
Length 3.5 Inches
Width 2.5 Inches
Depth 2.5 Inches
Box 3.75 X 3.5 X 3.25 Inches

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