Frankart Amber Geometric Shade - S145

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This is a classic vintage glass lamp shade for 4 inch rim fitters. Clear and satin amber finishes combine in an intricate geometric pattern to produce a really outstanding effect. Since the round crackle shades have become nearly impossible to find this model has become the best available replacement shade for 4" rim lamps. This one is in good condition with no chips or breaks. To be perfectly accurate we have to mention that there are a very few factory flaws in the finish that are nearly invisisble. The shade looks just fine, but if you examine it very closely you'll see a few little spots where the frosting isn't lined up exactly right. These spots are the size of a pinhead, and no one but you will even know they're there. We weren't even able to get our camera to record them. However, our main goal is customer satisfaction so we're reducing the price to make up for these tiny spots. This is a really good deal for someone who needs a 4" shade!
Height 9 Inches
Diameter 6 Inches
Circumference 18.5 Inches
Rim Fitter 4 Inches

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